Education Icon of the Year 2020

It is the leader who steers the team on the path of success. The task may be a daunting one but blending together consistent efforts, focus and determination ensure the success of the team.

 It was in appreciation of such efforts and acknowledgment of the same that our Honourable Secretary, Mr. Vinay Reddy was recently awarded as one “The Education Icon of the year 2020″ for exemplary contribution and hard work in the field of education by Education Today at a glittering ceremony of  8th National Conference & India School Merit Awards 2020-2021.

Spurthy Global School continues to strive for excellence under the able guidance of Mr. Reddy and looks ahead to many more milestones and accomplishments. Leadership is at the core of everything we do at Spurthy. Our vision is to position Spurthy Global School as the institution of choice for excellence in school education in Bangalore by providing world-class education in a multi-cultural environment. Each day brings with it the zeal to improve and enhance ourselves and provide the best learning experiences to our students.  It has been rightly said: 

                    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”