Father's Day

It has been rightly said that “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” Father’s Day was celebrated on June 16, 2024, by the enthusiastic students of our school. It was a day that provided us with an opportunity to honor fathers and let them express their love and support for their children. The students excitedly welcomed their fathers and were thrilled to present a heartfelt dance performance and the skit “The Brave Knight.”

The event was filled with fun games and activities, including a tug-of-war for dads, a drawing challenge for the children to depict their fathers, a sack race for father-child pairs, and a special musical chairs game. Each activity saw eager participation from our supportive fathers, who joined in with great enthusiasm and energy.

It was indeed a delightful and memorable day for everyone, celebrating the unique bond between fathers and their children.