Fun Day with Colours

Our world is filled with different colours. These colours add beauty to nature and the world around us. In our Montessori wing, our mantra for our little wonders is “Discover-Explore-Learn and Grow”. As a very important part of learning during early years is identification and recognition of primary and secondary colours, we at Spurthy Global School celebrate “Fun Day With Colours – Colour  Day Celebration” every month giving a chance to our kids to experiment and explore the colours with wide range of activities. It is always an excellent learning experience for our tiny tots on the colour day celebration. This enhances their visual discrimination, fine motor skills and creates a cognitive link between visual clues and the words for child’s holistic development.

On the “Fun Day with Colours- Colour Day Celebration” our Montessori students dressed in beautifully glowing colours reflecting their high spirit, filled with fun and enthusiasm. They participate in all the activities planned for the day.