Inclusive Learning

Inclusivity in its very core means to accept everyone irrespective of differences in social, economic, caste, creed, colour, language, gender of each person. Inclusive education derives a similar narrative to the one mentioned above. It means to include all students in a classroom setting without any barriers. It allows all kinds of students to participate and learn in an environment that celebrates differences. At Spurthy Global School, we believe in including all children and encourage their unique gifts and talents. We provide support to all students in terms of activities, worksheets, events and extra classes. Children have an opportunity to contribute in their own special way. This also requires the management, teachers and support staff to teach children in unique ways. The teachers are sensitized and trained to take care of every child’s need. Designing and planning lessons to suit the learning needs of the children is of utmost importance. Having a strong
leadership which believes in the idea of inclusion is crucial. The founder MR Gopala Reddy and the Principal Mrs Archana Srivastava believe in encouraging each child to achieve their full potential irrespective of their weaknesses.