Independence Day

Spurthy Global School celebrated Independence Day in collaboration with Earthlings and Namaskara Makkale. The programme commenced with a prayer song and a melodious rendition of ‘ Vande Mataram’. Ms Bindu Subramani, the programme coordinator, invited Major Ganapathi to introduce our guest speakers: Col. Udaya Shankar ( Indian Army), Group Captain Ravi T.R. (Indian Airforce) and Lt. Nandini (Indian Navy).

 Col. Udaya Shankar introduced the students to the Madras Engineering Group (MEG). He explained the timeline of the MEG establishment and the activities of MEG. He also highlighted the job opportunities in the Indian Army for aspiring young students.  He concluded his speech inviting the students to visit the MEG center.

Group  Captain Ravi T.R shed some light on the role of  Indian Airforce in  Kargil war. He also discussed the various types of aircraft in use and current active engagements of the IAF.

Last but not the least Lt. Nandini spoke to the students about naval threats and the Indian navy’s role in protecting our maritime boundaries. She explained the relevance of the Indian Navy and its role in defence and rescue operations.

At the end of the invigorating talks by the guest speakers, Ms.Vanitha sang a Kannada patriotic song as a tribute to our soldiers. The programme concluded with the National Anthem sung by the students, followed by a Vote of Thanks by Ms Bindu.