Melange - Annual Exhibition

It is said that children are a bundle of hundreds of creative ideas. Bearing the same in mind Spurthy Global School organized the annual exhibition ‘MELANGE’ which was a unique expression of work done by the students in  Social Studies, Science and Art . The exhibition was held on Saturday 23rd of November.

The event saw young enthusiastic participants sharing information  about the exhibits that comprised innovative working models and investigation based projects.

The Chairman Mr. Gopal Reddy and the  Secretary Mr. Vinay Reddy graced the occasion and appreciated the efforts put in by the young learners.  The parents were impressed by the displays and presentations as they went around the classrooms.

The exhibits covered a wide spectrum of topics –  plant and animal life, various ancient civilizations  science experiments as well as works of art. The preparations began well in advance. Students eagerly  worked along with the teachers helping with preparations, making models, colouring charts and decorating classrooms. Corridors and soft boards outside the classrooms were decorated in line with the theme.

Parents and visitors were thrilled to see the tiny ones speak so confidently and explain the concepts cheerfully to each and every visitor. All visitors appreciated the efforts put in by students and teachers. The day concluded with plenty of positive feedback from parents and visitors. Their words of encouragement will go a long way in motivating the students to surge ahead on their journey of continuous learning.