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In today’s global, multicultural and knowledge oriented world, education is the tool that opens the door for creative thought, enterprise and trend setting adaptations and changes.

But does today’s education prepare the young minds to face challenges, reach out courageously and empathetically embrace this world? Our experience cautions us before making this claim.

As a team of experienced educationists we very strongly believe the time has come, where this effort of creating world citizens in the chaotic and muddled world is not just a need but is our responsibility.


Strengthening Relationships

We aim to educate through a holistic approach that will enable our students to explore and utilize their potential to the fullest.

Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood. The efforts in developing students into confident, disciplined and critical thinkers can be achieved better through experiential learning and specifically created opportunities.

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Our School is an independent day school set in beautiful grounds at
Sommerson Bay, some three miles south of the City of California.
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Our Focus...

Our focus is on preparing every student to adapt to the changing professional environs and excel in his or her walk of life.
Spurthy has a 1600 plus student body with more than 100 plus faculty members. Our earnest effort to reach out to the community has resulted in continued growth and diversity in faculty, students, infrastructure, and goals for the future.

Today, Spurthy Group of Institutions offers quality education through a PU College and Institutes for high-end career courses in Business Management, Computer Science and Nursing.

Over the years, we have sent out to the waiting world thousands of students, giving wings to their dreams and aspirations.