Pongal Celebration

Pongal/Makar Sankranti is widely celebrated in different states of India at the end of the harvest season. It is a thanksgiving festival – a way of expressing gratitude to the nature. It is known by various names throughout India, like Pongal in Tamilnadu, Lohri in Punjab and Bihu in Assam, Makar Sankranti in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa. We at Spurthy Global School celebrated Makar Sankranti, on 14th January 2020 (Tuesday) with great gaiety and gladness. All our tiny tots of Montessori wing came to school, dressed up in a traditional wear. The significance of Sankranti festival was explained to the students. Students enjoyed different activities like colouring, making of card for Pongal, making of sugarcane craft   etc. conducted during the celebration. They were also very excited making Kolam (Rangoli) in their respective classes. We tried to capture each and every moment of the festival. Have a photo tour of the same.

Melange 2K19

It is said that children are a bundle of hundreds of creative ideas. Bearing the same in mind Spurthy Global School organized the annual exhibition ‘MELANGE’ which was a unique expression of work done by the students in  Social Studies, Science and Art . The exhibition was held on Saturday 23rd of November.

The event saw young enthusiastic participants sharing information  about the exhibits that comprised innovative working models and investigation based projects.

The Chairman Mr. Gopal Reddy and the  Secretary Mr. Vinay Reddy graced the occasion and appreciated the efforts put in by the young learners.  The parents were impressed by the displays and presentations as they went around the classrooms.

The exhibits covered a wide spectrum of topics –  plant and animal life, various ancient civilizations  science experiments as well as works of art. The preparations began well in advance. Students eagerly  worked along with the teachers helping with preparations, making models, colouring charts and decorating classrooms. Corridors and soft boards outside the classrooms were decorated in line with the theme.

Parents and visitors were thrilled to see the tiny ones speak so confidently and explain the concepts cheerfully to each and every visitor. All visitors appreciated the efforts put in by students and teachers. The day concluded with plenty of positive feedback from parents and visitors. Their words of encouragement will go a long way in motivating the students to surge ahead on their journey of continuous learning.


Selfless service is a quality that needs to be inculcated among the young learners and there is no better way for children to be aware of it than to take a step ahead along with their friends and teachers. ‘Shramdaan’ was organized on 15th October to create a spirit of selfless service and awareness among students about the dignity of labour.

The students of Montessori to Grade X participated in cleaning their classrooms, the school block and the surroundings thoroughly. They were excited to work with their friends and wanted the school to be spick and span. Their teachers guided them and motivated them to complete the duties assigned.
With pride in their eyes, the secondary students moved with their teams to clean the corridors, play area and washrooms while the li’l ones cleaned their classrooms. By the time dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing was done it was lunch time. The students eagerly waited for the lunch to be served that was prepared in-house by a team of students and teachers. They relished sumptuous meal while merrily chit chatting with their friends.
The entire activity was enjoyed by the students and they were thrilled to be a part of ‘Shramdaan’.

Field Trip

“What does he plant who plants a tree?
He plants cool shade and tender rain
And seed and bud of days to be……..”

With the same spirit to inculcate love for the environment and to relish the beauty of nature children of Grades 1 to 5 were taken to a plant nursery- Swami Nursery on 21st and 22nd August, 2019.

The students were briefed that the garden has a collection of a range of plants labeled with their botanical names.
Children observed and explored variety of shrubs, cactus, creepers, herbs, fruits and colourful flowers.They eagerly interacted with the gardener. They were curious to know about the surrounding and were excited to see the pots of varying shapes and sizes. It was told to them that fertilizers and manure are required for plant growth.
The little learners were responsible and refrained themselves from touching the plants and plucking leaves or flowers as instructed to them. This field trip sensitized the students towards caring for the environment and the importance of planting more trees.

Grandparents Day

It has been rightly said that “Grandparents are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend.”
Grandparents Day was celebrated on 14th September by the tiny tots of Montessori classes. It was a day that gave us an opportunity to honour grandparents as well as let the grandparents show their love and support for their grandchildren. The little ones happily welcomed their grandparents and were excited to present the dance and the skit ‘Punyakoti’. Fun games and activities like bowling game for grandpas, rangoli challenge for grandmas, passing the ball game and the ramp walk saw eager participation from sportive grandparents.
It was indeed a delightful and memorable day for one and all.

Teacher’s Day

Spurthy Global School celebrated the Teacher’s Day with elan. The morning of 5th September witnessed a lively buzz in the school corridors ; this time not of the students but the teachers!!
After spending sometime at the school the staff members boarded the buses to leave for the venue of the day – Spurthy Farm. Games, activities, ramp walk our teachers had it all. The Chairman Mr Gopala Reddy, Mrs Saraswathi Gopala Reddy and Secretary Mr. Vinay Reddy graced the occasion and greeted the teachers. The day was full of gusto and gaiety.
On 6th September the students presented a scintillating cultural show to express their love and respect towards their teachers. It was a recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. The cultural show included poems, songs, dance and a skit. The students also conducted fun games to entertain their teachers. They gratefully conveyed the message that teachers play a vital role in making their pupil accountable citizens of tomorrow and wonderful human beings.
All the teachers enjoyed and appreciated the efforts put in by the students to make the programme a truly memorable one.

Janmashtami Celebration

Children learn what they see, hear and experience. Celebrating festivals and special days helps them explore traditions and beliefs across cultures.
Krishna Janamashtami was one such festival that was celebrated by the tiny tots of Montessori with joy and enthusiasm on 24th August.
The teachers narrated stories of the birth of Lord Krishna , his childhood activities and his great powers that he used to help people. Their curiosity knew no bounds and they eagerly questioned their teachers to know more!
The Montessori section was lively and vibrant as little Radhas and Krishnas moved around all dressed up in in their colourful costumes.

Field Trip to Janapada Loka

On 23rd August, the students of grade 6,7 and 8 visited Janapada Loka, a Folk Museum situated in Ramanagara district about 70 Km away from the school. The museum has an exclusive display of the village folk arts and artifacts of Karnataka.

Janapada Loka is divided into separate wings – Folk Arts Museum, Lok Mahal, Chittra Kutira etc. The museum has a collection of five thousand folk artifacts. The students saw the weapons used for hunting during ancient times, musical instruments, attire and dresses etc. used by people of those days. They also visited a model village where they saw cow sheds and agricultural implements.

During the lunch time they headed to the amphitheater. Sharing a hearty meal with their classmates and spending some time relaxing there was a unique experience.

The potter’s wheel attracted one and all. They could see an old lady sitting and making beautiful clay pots on the wheel.

Soon it was time to board the buses and head back to the school. The students saw and learnt a lot about the ancient culture and folk life of Karnataka. It was truly an informative and enjoyable field trip.

Investiture Ceremony

It has been rightly said ‘If we want to create the leaders of tomorrow, there is no better time to develop our students as leaders than today.’
The Investiture Ceremony of Spurthy Global School was held on 3rd August 2019. The day marked the handing over of responsibilities to the new School Council. After days of canvassing the school election was held in a truly democratic manner to select the most deserving candidates who have shown that they have what it takes to be great leaders.
The Principal, Ms. Archana Srivastava formally bestowed the responsibility of various school appointments on the young but able shoulders of the House Captains and School Prefects. The members of the newly elected council pledged to carry out their responsibilities with utmost sincerity. The Principal urged the leaders to work with diligence and live up to the faith imposed in them . It was a proud moment for the parents as they pinned the badges for their children.
The melodious song by the choir group, after the oath taking ceremony filled the members with the determination to do their best. The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by the newly appointed School President.

Expressions 2019

Spurthy Global School organized the Literary Fest -Expressions 2019 from 23rd July to 26th July 2019. The Fest proved to be an amalgam of a series of enriching competitions to stimulate young minds and provided a platform to the learners to express their views and opinions. All the students from Grade 1 to 10 were given an opportunity to participate in the Fest. The competitions ranged from Fancy Dress for the 1st Graders to Quiz for 5th Graders and Spin a Yarn for the 10th Graders. These competitions were planned keeping in view speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and motivated the students to broaden their horizon of expression and creativity.
The efforts made by the students were appreciated when the Principal Ms. Archana Srivastava gave away the certificates and prizes to the winners. The beaming faces and the twinkling eyes of the winners said it all on the prize distribution day !

Visit to the Fire Station

I’m a little fire fighter on the go
Here is my helmet,
Here is my hose…..
Students of Grades 1 to 5 visited the fire station in Electronic City on 25th & 26th June. Their joy knew no bounds when they boarded the school bus with their classmates and were all set to go on the Field Trip .They were shown around the fire station and were filled with curiosity when the officer on duty told them about the various sources and causes of fire like common fire, metal on fire, cooking gas fire, petrol fire and fire using electric appliances. They were also shown the different water sprays used to extinguish fire and the vehicles used depending on the locality or area where fire has broken out. Informing the students about age old adage ‘Precaution is better than cure’ the officer explained the safety measures to be taken when they are near fire or using fire.
The trip proved to be an enriching experience for the little minds. It was all about fun and learning! The visit will remain etched in their memory for days to come!

International Yoga Day

Yoga, a holistic approach to well being, bestows its benefits on every practitioner. It nurtures a child’s inner strength and self acceptance. Keeping this in view, the International Yoga Day was celebrated at Spurthy Global School on 21st June .
A Special Assembly was organized wherein various Yoga Asanas were demonstrated on the stage by students and the same was followed by the other children. The significance as well as the correct technique of performing the Asanas were highlighted and this encouraged other students to attempt and emulate precisely. The assembly concluded by students practicing Dhyaan( meditation) for some time.
The International Yoga Day helped in creating awareness among the young learners and spread the message of practicing this age old knowledge to transform and develop one’s body , mind and spirit.

Cooking Without Fire

Food is life , cooking is fun
Combine the two and
You are sure to discover that life is fun!
It is very easy to prepare a meal for oneself. Children enjoy seeing grown ups working briskly in the kitchens. They watch the steam rise from the hot pots, aroma of food filling their nostrils and the tongues lolling out to satisfy their taste buds.
All this is a pastime for the young ones as they can have the sumptuous food with their dear ones on Sundays.
Come Monday and children enter the school with Monday Blues.
To remove the mundane of Monday Blues, we planned to host our children with a ‘pack of surprise’ through Cooking Without Fire. This was done at the sole charge of the teaching community and the well deserved students had their Fun Day with Cooking without Fire.
The good news is that the children were dressed in typical professional attire with chef caps, aprons and cutlery.
A quick grasp of dialogues of professional mannerisms added a toast of glamour to their appearance and professional etiquettes.
Our troupe of student-chefs moved around the campus spreading wild fire of their amateur competency.
It was a sight well received, well appreciated and well motivated!
Congratulations to Team Spurthy for their maiden voyage to professionals in the making!

Teachers’ Induction Programme

It has been aptly said ‘Well begun is half done’. As a precursor to a promising session Spurthy Global School organized an intensive Induction Programme for its staff members from 6th May. Eager, curious and beaming teachers were all set to be a part of the Induction Programme and prepare themselves to welcome the students for session 2019-20.
The Induction Programme, conducted over a period of fifteen days, gave the members an insight into the policies, deliverables and expectations. The Principal, Ms. Archana Srivastava guided the team members through an array of workshops that gave them an insight into time management , conflict resolution, effective communication and the discipline policy.
Guest speaker, Ms. Shikha Srivastava created awareness about inclusive education, kinds of disabilities and strategies to include children with special needs into the mainstream. She brought home the idea that education serves its true purpose only when it is inclusive.
Sessions on curriculum readiness helped the teachers comprehend ways to plan and conduct interesting classes. The micro teaching sessions conducted on 1st June for all the teachers exemplified peer learning at its best. Teachers presented their best practices that can be taken up and implemented by other team members in their classes. Immediate feedback by the colleagues gave a clear understanding to one and all about strategies to improve and enhance their teaching skills. The induction programme truly equipped the teachers to confidently embark on a exciting journey with their students that would ensure fun filled days of learning, enrichment and accomplishment.

Life Skills

Cricket Match

Adventure Camp

It has been quite rightly said that the heart of education lies in education of the heart. Indeed a child’s heart not only seeks knowledge but also yearns for fun and frolic. It is keeping this in view that our school provides its students a rejuvenating break from their hectic routines through camps and excursions.
The Adventure Camp was organised for the students from 21st October to 24th October across the grades from Montessori to Std. 10. The camp was conducted by Spurthy Global school in collaboration with Altitude Group which is an adventure-based research organization, continuously involved in the process of finding innovative uses of adventure activities.
The camp was organised at Spurthy Farm and saw students excitedly take part in various activities like Burma Bridge, zip-line, rope climbing, setting up a tent, etc. It was a fun filled enriching experience for our students.
The Overnight Camp for students of Grades 3& 4 was the most memorable part where students participated in various activities during the day, helped in preparing the dinner by cutting and chopping vegetable and slept in tents!!
Overall, it was an event that made the students confident, courageous and to a great extent assisted them to overcome their fears. They will always remember the Adventure Camp and will certainly nurture these experiences for days to come.

Children's Day

“Every child is a different kind of flower; together they make this world a beautiful garden.”

Children’s Day is celebrated each year with joy and enthusiasm to pay tribute to our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. A legendary freedom fighter, popularly known as Chacha Nehru, he was fond of children.
Spurthy Global School always strives to make each day special and unique for its students. 14th November was one such day when the teachers planned a special programme for them. The day began with the School Assembly being conducted by the teachers and the Principal. This was followed by a prayer dance and well-choreographed dance performance s by the Primary as well as Secondary teachers. The power-packed performances set the stage on fire. A medley of songs by the teachers had the children sitting in rapt attention while the funny skit saw the students laughing boisterously.
The students were overwhelmed with the entire effort. They cheered their teachers on as they saw them on stage. They were handed over with useful goodies and eatables.
After the programme students participated in indoor games that had been planned for them. The Montessori students enjoyed the puppet show while the Primary Grade students watched Mr. Bean & The Tom and Jerry show. The campus was abuzz with excitement, joy and peals of laughter during the day.
Soon it was time for the students to board the buses. They thanked their teachers for making the day a memorable one for them.

Yellow Day

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, happiness, freshness and joy.
On 10th July 2019, the Montessori children of Spurthy Global School celebrated Yellow Day. It was fun and learn all the way. The interesting activities planned for the day filled the students with curiosity. It was an attempt to make the kids aware of the colour yellow, its significance and to develop their motor skills. The day began with an introduction concerning the colour yellow. The corridor was decorated with variety of yellow items and cut outs. Students were all dressed up in different hues and tints of yellow.

Yellow Hopscotch was the biggest attraction of the day. Children explored many shades of yellow while hopping over yellow strips of paper.

Children sat together and shared their variety of food items such as bananas, mangoes, papaya. They relished together yellow rice, dhokla, and sweets like jalebi, laddu, bundi, etc

Pick and Speak

Show and Tell

Maths Olympiad

Constitution Day