Sri Kempegowda Jayanthi

Nadaprabhu Hiriya Kempegowda was a chieftain under the Vijayanagara Empire in early-modern India. He was known as educated and one of the most successful rulers of that time. According to records, he was the descendant of the Morasu Gowda lineage and took the chieftaincy from his father in 1513.

Kempegowda has shown leadership skills from his early years, he has learned statecraft and martial skills from Gurukul. According to history, he got the idea of a city during his hunting expedition. Initially, he built reservoirs, temples, forts, and many more for people to live comfortably and trade easily. During his 66 years of rule, he conquered many territories and revoked Bandi Devaru customs for the betterment of society.