Once Upon a Time @ Story Telling Session

The nostalgic words, ‘Once upon a time ……’ fill all of us with memories of amazing stories, curiosity, excitement and the time spent unraveling the wonderland of fairies, monsters et al. The wheel of time may move on but for centuries stories of varied shades continue to charm one and all irrespective of age or region.   

Spurthy Global School organized a storytelling session for students and parents on 1st November 2020. It was conducted by an eminent storyteller who took the audience by the hand and traversed the marvelous world of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Through the course of the story narration the elements of voice modulation, intonation and expression were highlighted. Questions asked after the story proved to be food for thought and set li’l minds thinking.

The second story Little Blue Train emphasized the use of props to beautifully convey the essence of the story. 

Subtle tips for parents and teachers to enhance storytelling skills like the use of imagination, teaching new words and engaging the young listeners made the session meaningful for one and all.