Toss a Pan Activity

It is important to cultivate healthy eating habits in children. Healthy eating benefits a child’s growth and holistic development. One easy way to develop healthy eating is to involve children in the food-making process. Keeping this in mind “Toss a Pan” activity was scheduled for Primary Grade students in the month of December.

This included making sandwich using bread, vegetables, cheese, sauce, butter etc. Allowing children to make their own sandwiches and to decide what goes on the sandwich was fun. Children came up with beautiful ideas and exciting shapes to make a simple sandwich more interesting. It was fun-filled to see children working with their parents to make the sandwich presentable.  This activity encouraged the students to eat homemade food. All the students worked their way through to making yummy sandwiches which they relished with their families.

It has been rightly said- Food is a necessity, but cooking is an art!