World Mental Health Day

In the present-day scenario of the COVID pandemic, health is of immediate concern for one and all. Health encapsulates physical fitness as well as mental and emotional well being. World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October every year, to create awareness about mental health. 

 Spurthy Global School,  in collaboration with Cadabams Group Bangalore, participated in a webinar to create awareness regarding mental health among students. The presenters Ms. Anitha B, Ms. Madhuparna Sreemany and Ms. Anmol Thotal of Cadabams Group walked the students through various aspects of mental health. 

Discussion on six components of health, common signs of poor mental health and six keys to mental health helped to reinforce & reiterate the importance of mental health.

 Students of Grades 6 to 10  participated and interacted with the presenters . It was encouraging to see the young learners share their views.  The webinar helped in creating awareness among students and asserted the significance of mental health for one and all.